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  • Mami Dred

    I am MAMI DRED, a UK female rapper with a respectable fan base of 12,000+. “BOY DAB” is my first release and it is a london DAB song which has been creating a buzz around the internet. It is the first UK Dab Song. I interested in appearing on your BLOG. I was wondering if you could post the song on site and review it.

    Mami Dred (Original born as Tariro Mpala) is an18YearOld London Rapper from Liverpool. Dred Started professionally released music under this name in October 2016.

    In 2014, Dred moved to Essex and attended the sixth form college (2014-2016). After finishing her Alevels, Dred decided to take gap a year in order to peruse her career in Music.
    At the age of16, Dred started working in TV and Film with a various number of agencies in London. Dred has featured in commercials as well obtaining supporting roles in Bollywood movies, Sitcoms and films. At 17, Dred left home and started living independently. She has worked with international and national stars from Kristen Stewart (Secret Shopper) to Stormzy (No.1 Fan Pepsi Vs Subway).


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