Nox : Ndinonyara


Nox : Ndinonyara

African Urban Contemporary genius. 7 Albums to his name since 2003. various number chart topping songs and over 70 hit songs in Zimbabwe. Nox is 29, based in Midrand-RSA, but ZImbabwean.

“NOX Guni goes on his first UK tour this weekend. To cap a successful year in which he shared the stage with Alick Macheso and Oliver Mtukudzi, the Ndinoshuwa star is looking to spread his love gospel to overseas audiences.The South Africa-based singer, who has recorded more love songs than any living Zimbabwean, will stage gigs in Coventry and London on September 30 and October 1 respectively.With four albums under his belt, and three more queued up for release, Nox’s talent has been bubbling up in the underground scene for several years. Now he is ready to take his music a note up.“We need to take our music to continental and international levels. The style, quality and art must be purely Zimbabwean,” Nox said on Saturday, days before he flies to London for his maiden tour.”

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  • http://www.padandaro.co.zw Walter Chiyanja

    great work my guy
    if i may some constructive criticism hey!
    make a video with the Zimbabwean Entertainment brand in the corner most of the lyrics are suggestive to that you are in singing as an individual somewhere in Zimbabwe but the content is all South African, we even catch a glimpse of South African Plates on the cars…
    Make so that we can not tell where u are … so that the brand and product is truly Zimbabwean..
    but hey not taking anything from yeah mate this is great work

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