Who is Nadia Nakai?

Nadia Nakai Kandava is a up and coming female emcee from South Africa with Zimbabwean origins and also the winner of Shiz Niz Mixtape 101 and is also featured on Dj C-Live’s “The Tastemaker” mixtape.
1. When and how did you discover your lyrical abilities?

When I was staying in Kenya there was a Hip Hop event and I fell in love!

2. As a female, what challenges did this industry present you with?

Niggas in the Game not taking me seriously! They don’t understand that I’m here to stay.. This is not a hobby.

3. What inspires you and what do you write about?

Everything inspires me.. I write about my life. Different aspects of it except love! I’ve found that department very hard to open to thru my music..

4. How do make sure that you stay relevant?

nadia young zimbabwe

nadia young zimbabwe

I listen to people. I seek advice from people… I don’t get caught up in the hype. There’s always room for change and improvement! I’m always learning! This industry is very temperamental! One needs to be careful of the decisions one makes!

5. What’s the worst advice someone gave you when you entered this industry, that you are glad you ignored?

That I won’t make it solo and I should find female singers and become a group! Lol what beans!!!

6. What are the 5 words that best describe you?

Sexy Strong Inspirational African Women

7. How did you end up in Hype Magazines 2011 issue?

Because I Rock!! Lol! And Morale hooked me up! Awesome Guy!

8. Would you say
that because you are a female mc, your male counterparts treat you differently?

Not anymore.. But in the beginning they did. But in a good way they really looked out for me in a way that they wouldn’t for each other..

9. How would you say being the first female winner of Shiz Niz’s mixtape 101 affected your career?

Well it was my first debut on Television! It helped a lot cos I got to reach a much wider market than I would’ve by myself! I Will always be grateful to that competition for that.
Being the First Female to Win is awesome!!! Breaking barriers!
10. What do you want to say to any female out there considering getting into this industry, but is being shot down?
Get back up! If u want it bad enough you’ll get it! Simple as that! Just don’t ever comprise yourself to get ahead! Your only selling yourself short!

You can catch her on twitter for more updates @Nadia_nakai

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