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For 12 years, Young Zimbabwe has been the authoritative voice in Zimbabwean Lifestyle News. Young Zimbabwe’s global standards of Lifestyle news appear across the web & social, reaching an audience of highly informed and stylish Zimbabweans.  Our aim is to show case the young upcoming generation of Zimbabwe. Our focus is on fashion, beauty, health, business, current affairs and entertainment.

Since its launch in 2010, Young Zimbabwe has set a new benchmark for Zimbabwean Fashion News. Working with the world’s pre-eminent photographers, stylists, supermodels and designers, and with outstanding quality and creativity, Young Zimbabwe has quickly established a solid core of readers who appreciate its unrivalled sophistication. The world of Young Zimbabwe has grown to include a substantial website & Social network that offers both a prestigious image and wide penetration. Young Zimbabwe magazine is published under a copyright.

Dream Team


Valentine "Tapiwa" Masawi


Taona Tondoya

Web Content Manager

Ian Tafireyi

Marketing Cordinator

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