10mins with YoungNash

Young Zimbabwe got an opportunity to spend 10mins with Youngnash, one of Zimbabwe’s hidden talents. The boy wonder has been making us dance and today we shine the light on him and get to connect with a legend in the making. Don’t forget to follow his IG page as he brings more amazing projects.

Q: Who is YoungNash?
A: Youngnash is a producer /artist from Harare Zimbabwe


Q: What’s the meaning behind your name?
A: Funny story actually. A friend of mine gave me that name in high school. I used to call myself 2Playo, Yes Playo with an “o” haha. One day bro looked at me and said you look like a Youngnash and I was like for real? Now we here haha


Q: What is your musical back ground?
A: Musical background? If by that you mean school and stuff for this?? That’s zero haha. I just basically sit down and God tells me Press that thing and thing and 2 hours later I have the Mai Mwana beat haha but on a serious note I just learn as I go man. Passion and the hunger, I guess.


Q: Who are some of the artists you have worked with?
A: I have worked with over 100 artists but you know how it goes some songs don’t end up dropping but the people I’ve really locked in with are Shasha, Soko7, Nadia Nakai, Takura, Simba Tagz, Roberto, Zues, MMT, Audius Mtawarira, Youngsta CPT and a whole lot more


Q: Do you have a favourite piece of music that you worked on?
A: That changes a lot really, I don’t know if other musicians feel this way but I really don’t like listening to my own work because I know the stuff that I maybe wanted to change but never got the chance to or some mistakes I made that are actually in those songs so its hell really hahaha. So no there’s no real favourites


Q: What other producers, songwriters and/or artists do you see as your primary inspirations?
A: Oh wow that’s crazy I have a lot . Producers its Hit Boy, Mustard, Ayo and Keyz , Mike and Keyz , P2J , Sarz , Chopstiks , Kelp Vibes , Selebobo ( Mix Monsta) , Distortion , G.A .Artists are like the general dudes you feel , like Big Wiz , The African Giant , OBO , Kanye , Jay , Nipsey Hussle . Hahaha I’m all over the place


Q: How do you like to spend your free time not working on projects or taking care of business matters?
A: My free time is movies man, Movies. I just like to sit down wear something comfy, grab my snacks and just dive into these worlds man and just enjoy being a whole secret agent or a superhero from the comfort of my own home haha . I also like conversation like just talking and learning from people and just sharing information and stuff.


Q: What’s your future plans/ or what would you want your legacy to be?
A: My future plans are really buying a 52 000 Sqft property and just never leaving the house haha . Nah I’m playing, I feel like the future plans are just really working and having the music drop really. A Lot of artists waiting for the perfect time and place to drop and I don’t like that really. I have worked o over 500 songs in the last 5 years and only about 10 songs dropped and I hate that. I need people who want to go and just go man. I just want to go! And my legacy I don’t really know really maybe I can say just have timeless music maybe? I don’t know I’m just trying to do my best when I’m living what comes after that’s God Territory really.


Q: What advice would you give a person trying to make it in the entertainment industry?
A: Just work hard , learn and move with the times . Don’t be afraid to explore and try new things . Believe in Gods Plans and your purpose . The rest happens . Just be the best you really aaaaandddd !!! Be a nice person everyone knows everyone in this world. Your Brand Image is Everything !

Q: How do people get connected with you and book for your services?
A: The best is really Instagram @Youngnashylee I’m always on instagram and I check all my messages all the time. I’m on everything else as @youngnashylee , be it Facebook or whatever but if you want to get at me today and fine me ? Instagram baby!


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