#18. Mai Titi Back In The News, Starlink Banned in Zimbabwe & Davido Caught Cheating AGAIN?

Not sure what’s going on in the world but things look tits up, Israel wants to throw hands, Iran threw hands, US is like NO hands. Same vibes in the hip hop world, they’re all ganging up an Aubrey. Back in Zimbabwe, the govt said no more starlink, Mai Titi has a fresh scandal on her hands.

0:00:00 – New Theme Song
0:00:46 – Welcome Welcome
0:04:26 – Freezit Fiasco
0:08:26 – Coffee Shoutouts
0:13:29 – Israel vs Iran
0:19:32 – Thank Jesus Zimbabwe is Not Part of The International Community
0:30:12- Drake vs Everyone and their Grandmother
0:38:35 – Mai Titi
0:46:10 – Jesus vs 500 Random Opinions
0:49:07 – Starling banned in Zimbabwe
0:56:21- David Caught Cheating Again
1:00:50 – Munashe vs Feminists
1:06:52 – Munashe Doubles Down on the MISOJONYI
1:17:01 – Munashe Triples Down on the MISOJONYI
1:19:31 – Munashe Apologises for the MISOJONYI
1:27:54 – King Kandoro Tour Update

Trust your homies to be getting into all of it.

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