Holy Ten ft. Mr. Candy & Michael Magz – Pressure

Official music video for the song “Pressure”, from THE BOOK OF MALACHI – featuring Mr. Candy & Michael Magz

Shot by Kudzai YB

Edited by Holy Ten

Color Correction/Grading by Sir Ralph

Instrumental – Young OG beats

Mixing Mastering – jTzim (Strings)

Styling by Minister of Whitelinen

Manifest Your Dream Man & Maybe a baby

Love and relationships can be very simple once we understand how it all works.

There is literally a formula behind it and its not all “down to luck” as we have been made to believe.

If you desire an amazing relationship, it’s meant to be, and you just have drop all the misconceptions and open up for it.

This exactly what this booklet is about.

Learn how to manifest the man of your dreams and create a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

In a world where love and relationships are made out to be this complicated process in which the success of it is purely down to luck, this booklet shows you 11 simple secrets that lease to success in dating and relationships.

Here are some of the areas covered:

•How to attract high level men

•How to sky-rocket your self-confidence around men

•How to be a vibrational match to the relationship you desire

•How to be the type of women that men are helplessly drawn to

•What makes a man want to stay with you forever

•Understanding men and why they do what they do

•How to manage your emotions and step into the best version of you

•Effective communication that actually gets your needs met

This booklet was written whilst I was pregnant and there is also a section on baby manifestation vibes.

Amapiano SOUL4REAL Vol. 1

DJ duo Lex and Answer record volume 1 of their Soul4Real sessions. We do not own the copyrights to this music. For promotional purposes only.


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Macdee – Energy

Performed by Macdonald Macdee Chidavaenzi (Eternity Productions)

Video Director : Mr Hasty (Rock life Media)

Assistant Producer: Tadex made it

Guitars : Trust Samende

Special Appearances: Tammy Moyo, Trevor D

Choreography: Malo Wizzy, Mellisa

Make up: Daisy Hobbs Make up, Mattie the Therapist (Tammy)

Outfits: Zvakakosha Apparrell (Trevor D) Dazzle by Dimple Flame (Tammy Moyo)

Holy Ten – Zvivindi

Narrated by Holy Ten S

hot and directed by YB visuals.

Instrumental by Raspo Beats

Mixing and Mastering by jTzim (Strings)

Malachi outfit by Minister of Whitelinen

Photography by Wanslar Escobar

“Crossroads” Season 1

Crossroads is a show created by Nigel Tha Slick Pastor and co-operation. Season 1 has finished and we bring you all the Episodes  under one roof for your enjoyment and see Zimbabwean talent at it’s best. The story line is based on the following “Life can be unpredictable. Your usual normal can be disturbed by one small event, and lead to a domino of consequences. The choices you make at every crossroad will tell how your story eventually turns out”. 

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Crossroads –  Episode 01

Crossroads – Episode 2

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(Season Finale 💔)