Eat is a meal kit service. We provide you with pre-cut and pre-measured ingredients for any meals from our menu. Our aim is to take the stress out of cooking so meal times can be more enjoyable and convenient for you. Our meal kits save you the trouble of shopping for ingredients, our menu makes it easier for you to plan your meals and you pay for just the ingredients you need to use. Our customers can enjoy quick, convenient and delicious meals, whether you are hosting friends, having a regular meal with your family or a simple but delicious meal for 1.

You can ask for any ingredients to be removed from a recipe, and you can scale your meals for the number of servings you need. You can request for pre-mixed items e.g batters, dressings, sauces etc.  For customers who want to challenge themselves or learn new techniques, you can request that nothing is pre-mixed so you can try it yourself! You can even request that ingredients come uncut if you really want to immerse yourself in the whole cooking process. Point is, you can make any request on your order and we will work with you to try our best to fulfill it.

Whether you’ve misplaced your recipe card or simply want to make one of our meals on your own, the recipes and instructions are all available for viewing on our website. We currently accept USD cash, Zipit, and Ecocash. You may place your order via our website or any of our social media pages. You have the option to either collect your order yourself or have it delivered at an additional charge, depending on your location. Currently delivery is available in Harare, with plans to deliver to more locations. We will update you via our social media pages when we deliver to more locations.

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