Original Heritage

An African focused clothing brand based in England, United Kingdom. While our products are the result of both Western and African trends and cultures. Our inspiration today lies within the hopes of a better Africa tomorrow. Our products give individuals the chance to pay homage to one or more of the 54 sovereign African countries while contributing to the provision of education for children in Africa. 
Africa is the richest continent in the world, #Fact! Not only is it the only self-sustaining continent because of its vast array of natural resources but, it is also the place of human origin. The mother of civilisation as we know it. However, the reality on the ground in no way reflects these facts. With that said and not much being done, our mission is to eradicate poverty in Africa one child at a time through the provision of their education. 10% of every product we sell goes towards this cause.
February 2017 saw the ORIGINAL HERITAGE brand and online-store launch. Products for other African countries will be released bi-monthly, subject to demand. We have an ambitious vision for both our future and that of Africa. So we are always on the look out for people from different walks of life we can work with… 
…Poets, marketers, models, artists, academics, stylists, photographers, athletes, charity fundraisers, online bloggers, lawyers, speakers, event organisers and more.  

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