SoProfound gives us “The Chamhembe Story”

The history of Zimbabwean music is incomplete without mentioning arguably one of the most pivotal and impactful eras ever. Some like to refer to this time as the urban grooves era and some simply call it “pakauya vapfanha vemaCD”. As big as this movement was there is a huge fog around what it represents, this is seen in the many debates that surround the legacy of this era and it doesn’t help that no one was writing anything as this part of our history was unfolding. At the centre of this time however is Chamhembe, it’s the peak of what this era embodies. In this 5-part series SoProfound interviews some of the key people who made Chamhembe. Prepare for a front-row seat to one of the most impactful moments in Zimbabwean music history. Exciting never heard before stories, the history, influences and insight into some of the moments that shaped Zimbabwean urban music as we now know it.

Includes interviews from Leonard Mapfumo, Roki, Stunner, Take 5 and more…

The series is produced by Intentionally Daring in collaboration with Tnash Creative Studio.

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