#18. Mai Titi Back In The News, Starlink Banned in Zimbabwe & Davido Caught Cheating AGAIN?

Not sure what’s going on in the world but things look tits up, Israel wants to throw hands, Iran threw hands, US is like NO hands. Same vibes in the hip hop world, they’re all ganging up an Aubrey. Back in Zimbabwe, the govt said no more starlink, Mai Titi has a fresh scandal on her hands.

0:00:00 – New Theme Song
0:00:46 – Welcome Welcome
0:04:26 – Freezit Fiasco
0:08:26 – Coffee Shoutouts
0:13:29 – Israel vs Iran
0:19:32 – Thank Jesus Zimbabwe is Not Part of The International Community
0:30:12- Drake vs Everyone and their Grandmother
0:38:35 – Mai Titi
0:46:10 – Jesus vs 500 Random Opinions
0:49:07 – Starling banned in Zimbabwe
0:56:21- David Caught Cheating Again
1:00:50 – Munashe vs Feminists
1:06:52 – Munashe Doubles Down on the MISOJONYI
1:17:01 – Munashe Triples Down on the MISOJONYI
1:19:31 – Munashe Apologises for the MISOJONYI
1:27:54 – King Kandoro Tour Update

Trust your homies to be getting into all of it.

Darrel – Naye (Haaahhh)

Starring Tamika & Darrel
Shot by Munya K
Edited by Mitch Uta
Beat Produced by D’Meek
Song mixed & mastered by Boy Tricky

Who is “M.G Hkh”

M.G Hkh, born Prince Peter Moyo on October 18, 1997, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, is a Harare-based Zimbabwean rapper, songwriter, and automobile electrician. Known for his deep lyrical content and proficiency in Shona, M.G Hkh is considered one of the city’s underrated talents. His affiliation with Heart Entertainment Magazine and the Hkh Family Group has significantly shaped his musical career. This biography explores the life and career of M.G Hkh and explores his journey. 

M.G Hkh’s music career officially started in 2019, performing freestyle rap at school events under the moniker “M.G The best Rapper.” His debut album, Pray Hard, released in 2020, emphasizes perseverance and spirituality, although it struggled commercially due to limited promotional resources. His track “Rufu Runopedza” from this album was a tribute to his late parents.

In 2019, he joined the Hkh Family Group, founded by Mr. Potter Hkh, and featured in the song “Chipo Changu.” His collaborations and performances with notable Zimbabwean acts like Gze and Tehn Diamond have helped him gain some recognition.

M.G Hkh continues to influence his community through his music, advocating for resilience and faith, and remains an active figure in Zimbabwe’s rap scene, aiming to expand his influence and reach a broader audience.

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